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Device Savers

Device Savers fixes everything from tablets to phones, drones to go pro cameras. We specialize in all forms of consumer electronics and professional equipment repair. We aim to save every device possible.


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“The Savers”

Who We Are?

Device Savers, an Electronics Repair and Technology Support Company, was founded in Tampa Bay, FL. As a company we would rather fix your tech problems, than to force you to buy something new, expensive, or unnecessary. Our team, affectionately referred to as “The Savers,” strive to save you quite a bit of money, while simultaneously also making the world a cleaner, greener place through Electronic Repair.

What We Fix?

Everything Tech…Yep we do not discriminate, we are you total electronic repair solution.

Repair the World

The Savers are increasingly worried about the kind of world we are leaving behind.“Every one of us remembers a generation where if it was broken you fixed it”. We are not really sure what happen to this option? Over the years we have seen how much big businesses and we mean BIG, have created expensive items with expiration dates. Planned obsolescence and the throwaway mentality has changed the way we connect with the things we spend our lives working for.We began to think of how we could impact the world in a positive way on a daily basis, feeling that if we did not attempt to become part of the solution then we would always be an increasing part of the problem.

We all know it’s what you do in life and not what you say that matters, right. Well we do repair, and repair matters more than you might think. Our hope is through our work and quality others will consider the option of holding on to their technology longer. Demanding more flexibility from the manufactures to get things repaired and upgraded, instead of just disposing it.

Good To Know

Device Savers is also here to buy, sell, trade or recycle your device. We offer Same Day Service on repairs,and 90-Day Worry Free Warranties. Our Repair quality is award winning at Device Savers Electronic Repair Stores.

We have one of the highest ratings in the state of Florida for customer satisfaction and are an iFixIt Pro Certified Member as well as a Certified Microsoft Repair Center, to name but a few.

We use only the highest quality of parts available, ensuring that the repair is successful for time to come—we will not just slap on a screen and say you are good to go, no! Our transparent ticketing systems and comprehensive diagnostics is just one small thing that sets us apart; we want you to know everything.

Let us help you get it fixed. ~ The Savers